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Happy Birthday Mr Dickens – New Candle Release – Miss Havisham’s Cake – A Great Expectations Inspired Candle

Did you know that Charles Dickens would have been 205 tomorrow?  Well, he's no longer around to have his cake and eat it too but we have a fantastic new cake candle to celebrate his birth.  Introducing Miss Havisham's Cake, a delicious cake scented candle which I think she probably would have liked and definitely deserved (rather than mouldy old wedding cake) because she was hard done by, jilted at the alter by some scoundrel who stole all her money.  Poor Miss Havisham! Have some cake dear, you deserve it – and Happy Birthday Mr Dickens!  Shop link in bio. . . . . #MissHavishamsCake #cakecandle #Dickenscandle #GreatExpectationsCandle #charlesdickens #candleofthemonth #bookandcandle #literarycandle #bookmerch #etsyseller #etsyshop #candleaddict #candlegram #bookish #bookcandles #literarycandles #candle #soycandle #instabook #bookstagram #YAlit #youngadult #romancecandle #candlelover #bookloverscandles #bookishcandle #nerdgift #bookishgift #handmade #handmadeinScotland

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If Charles Dickens was still alive he would be 205 today! To celebrate, we created our second Dickens inspired candle – Miss Havisham’s Cake – which is of course a Great Expectations inspired candle. You might wonder why I chose this candle to release for his birthday and it’s simple really; Great Expectations is my favourite Dickens novel and Miss Havisham is one of my favourite characters. I always saw her as quite a tragic character, even though in the book she is quite bitter and twisted by her own life experiences, and caused a lot of trouble, I always felt kind of sorry for her and so I think she deserved a better cake!  So in lieu of an actual cake, I created Miss Havisham’s Cake candle which I think she would appreciate and hope that you all enjoy.

Z the Beginning of Everything – Zelda and F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

I’m watching Z The Beginning of Everything at the moment and getting into the right mood by burning one of our Gatsby’s Garden Parties candles which smells just like the ocean breeze off Long Island, and thinking geez how did this guy ever get any writing done!

Our Candle of the Month for February is Amortentia! Harry Potter Inspired Candle

Our Candle of the Month for February is – AMORTENTIA – which as you know is the strongest love potion in the wizarding world and a natural choice for February.  Subscribers – your candle has already been dispatched and should be with you soon.  If you wish to order this candle, you can find it in the shop now or you might want to start a subscription so you can be the first to get your hands on each new candle of the month. ~💕 ~💕 ~💕 ~💕 #subscriptionbox #themedbox #valentinesday #amortentiacandle #harrypottercandle #candlebox #themebox #candleofthemonth #bookandcandle #literarycandle #bookmerch #etsyseller #etsyshop #candleaddict #candlegram #bookish #bookcandles #literarycandles #candle #soycandle #instabook #bookstagram #candlelover #bookloverscandles #bookishcandle #nerdgift #bookishgift #handmade #handmadeinScotland

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Last chance to get your candle of the month for January

Time might be running out for Baudelaire but we will have Eleven in the shop for some time yet, so if you love Stranger Things, why not grab one of those too?

Our New Themed Boxes for February are Now Available – Great Classic Romance, Great YA Romance, Great Female Friends

Available for the month of February, choose from Great Classic Romance, Great YA Romance, or Great Female Friendships. Book options include – Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Little Women, The Help, The Color Purple, The Jane Austen Book Club, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, Percy Jackson, The Raven Cycle, Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games. Candles and wax melt options to choose from and each box will be specially gift wrapped.

New in the Shop today – Rhysand Candles

New in the shop today – Rhysand!  It's been on my to-do list for some time and now it's finally here.  I couldn't wait any longer to share this gorgeous scented candle with you, named after my favourite ACOTAR and ACOWAF character.  I can't wait for May and ACOWAR – I guess I'll have to celebrate by releasing another candle! 🌟 ~ 🌟 ~ 🌟 ~ 🌟 ~ #rhysandcandle #sarahjmaascandle #ACOTARcandle #ACOMAFcandle #bookandcandle #literarycandle #bookmerch #etsyseller #etsyshop #candleaddict #candlegram #bookish #bookcandles #literarycandles #candle #soycandle #instabook #bookstagram #candlelover #bookloverscandles #bookishcandle #nerdgift #bookishgift #handmade #handmadeinScotland

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Back in Stock – Fantastical Beasts + The Potion Master Glittery Mini Candles

Getting ready for forthcoming Christmas Fayres and launch

So this year we are adding new products to our range of Christmas gifts.  There is a long story attached to this which I will spare you for now, but the long and the short of it is – candles!


candle making


Supplies have been ordered and some of them have started to arrive already.  This means I can get started sooner than anticipated – Christmas is just around the corner (after Halloween celebrations of course!)  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  You don’t want to start too soon because it’s summer and it seems silly to be thinking about Christmas, and then suddenly it’s October and you have nothing organised lol.  Candles are only part of what I have planned this year, so I need to get a wriggle on if I want to get anything finished on time!