Vine 23rd December Newsletter

We have snow again for Christmas and what’s worse is that it seems to be a lot colder than it was last year.  We definitely have a lot more below freezing temperatures and the house just never seems to get warm.

Anyhoo, the leftover newsletter was out last night as normal, not earlier so we had a chance of getting books before Christmas – not that it would matter at all at the moment since no parcels seem to be getting through due to all the snow for the last few weeks.

If these books ever make it through the backlog, I chose Immortal Beloved: Bk. 1: Everlasting Life (Immortal Beloved 1) and Training Your Brain For Dummies (I figure my brain could use some serious help at the moment)  Oh and Happy Christmas everyone – stay safe and warm!

Vine 16th December Newsletter

First newsletter of the month and I chose a non-book item and this book – The Marrowbone Marble Company – there actually wasn’t that much to chose from that I was interested in which was a bit disappointing after being able to choose four items from the leftovers last month.  I could have happily picked more books from that list!

Vine 23rd November Newsletter

Leftover week starts earlier than usual since Thursday is Thanksgiving so the newsletter went out on Tuesday instead… however maybe this was a special Thanksgiving present for us or maybe it was for some other reason but this week we got to select FOUR times from the leftover newsletter!!!  This time around I picked up – Shakespeare: The Essential Comedies: v. 1 (Classic Radio Theatre) on CD and A Taste of the Unexpected which is from the River Cottage people!  Looking forward to that one. And Starting Over one cake at a time which is an autobiography from Sandra Bullock’s sister Gesine who gave up her Hollywood life to go open a bakery  and make cakes 🙂 and How to be a Social Entrepreneur: Make Money and Change the World!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Vine 18th November Newsletter

First newsletter for November and I selected two non-book items.  In other news I am well into my first course for the semester and so far so good.  This time around I have one course that started in October and the second course that starts in February, so there will be some overlap in the middle which is going to be a lot different from doing two courses that start and end at the same time.

Vine 28th October Newsletter

Leftover week and I picked up a couple of non-fiction titles – Bill’s Basics from Aussie chef Bill Granger which will sit nicely on the shelf with some of his others, and a business book – Net Profit: How to Succeed in Digital Business which sounded interesting.

Vine 16th September Newsletter

First newsletter for September and only eight items on the list, four of which were books.  I was too late to be offered any of the non-book items so I went for a cookbook from someone I’ve never heard of before – My Kitchen: Real Food from Near and Far (New Voices in Food) and a YA book called Finding Sky by Joss Stirling.  I was attracted by the cover of the cookbook and there seems to be a series of them.

Vine 26th August Newsletter

Leftover week and I picked up two new books – The Devil’s Graveyard which is the third book in the Anonymous series and Room by Emma Donoghue.  I have only read one of her previous books – Slammerkin – but there is a lot of talk about this one since it is based or inspired by the real life Fritzl case in Austria a few years back.

I also finally made up my mind what courses to do next semester and reserved places on them!

Vine 22nd July Newsletter

Rain continues, pretty sure it’s rained every day this month so far and my throat feels a little scratchy so hopefully that won’t come to anything.

This week is leftover week, one of my favourites, and I picked up Deadlock (which is unfortunately a sequel to a book I haven’t read) and Sacred Treason – more historical stuff I believe.