Banned Classic
Read this for book group this month since we were supporting Banned Books Week, but I was late getting started since I couldn’t find my actual book – and still can’t!  Luckily I had the audio book narrated by Ethan Hawke to fall back on so I listened to that.  I was sure I read this book before but since virtually none of it was familiar to me either I didn’t read it before or I was on drugs.  Basically I liked it and I enjoyed listening to it.  It’s a strange one definitely and probably not to everyone’s taste but I found it very interesting.  Apparently “and so it goes” appears in the book 106 times but actually I liked that too as it did make me pay more attention to the fact that every time he said that, someone or something died more or less.  I think without that I wouldn’t have noticed as much and that’s kinda like life.