My audio book for November is not a new book.  However it is the first time I had listened to it on audio and I have to say, it was fantastic.  So fantastic in fact that if we had to vote for the audio book of the year then this would probably be it!!!

I absolutely loved this book.  I was captivated by it like I never expected to be by any audio book.  I think most of the charm comes from the fact that it is narrated by two very excellent narrators; William Hope and Lauren Lefkow as Henry and Clare.  The story comes alive and welcomes you inside in such a way that I have no words for (useless I know) but hopefully you will be willing to give it a try for yourself and see what I mean.  I loved the narrators so much that I even searched to see what else they had narrated but I doubt that anything else they read (great though they are) will ever compare to this.

Absolutely brilliant, funny, heart wrenching, sweet.  Definitely in my top ten books for this year.