From October the Daily Mail Book Club will be merged with a new strand within the Richard & Judy show to promote new debut authors – Executive producer of Cactus TV, the people behind Richard & Judy’s Book Club, commented:

“Over the past 5 years within our summer read strand we have been successful in launching and championing new authors to a large audience. With the switch to ‘Watch’ for Richard & Judy, we are able to devote more time for books on the show and it’s great to be able to expand that effect into this exciting new strand. We will select 12 new authors a year, one every month and promote them not only on TV but, we’ll also be able to extend the strand in The Daily Mail. We’re thrilled with this development. “

Richard and Judy
Richard and Judy

Key Dates:

27th September – Seasonal launch (Oct-Dec titles) in Daily Mail Weekend – 27th September
4th October – title feature in Weekend, including R&J overview, Amanda Ross review, celebrity discussion & author interview
8th October – Oct title on air discussion & strand launch on R&J
1st November – Nov title feature in Weekend
4th November – Nov title on air discussion
29th November – Dec title feature in Weekend
2nd December – Dec title on air discussion

The selected titles will also be promoted on both the Watch(new UKTV channel) & Daily Mail websites.
In addition, the selected titles between October 08 and March 09 will make up the shortlist of New Writers at the Galaxy British Book Awards on April 3rd