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BBC Headroom, the multi-platform campaign from BBC Learning that promotes mental health, is teaming up with libraries across the UK to compile the definitive list of the country’s most inspiring and comforting books, as part of the National Year of Reading’s Mind and Body Month.

Readers can suggest books through recommendation forms in libraries during May, and the results will be published online in June.

BBC Headroom’s campaign executive Nina Bell said: “Books can have such an impact on our mood and sense of wellbeing: they can make you laugh when you need picking up, they can comfort through empathic storytelling, provide calm when your mind is racing or inspiration to face life’s ups and downs. A good read can be truly life-enhancing.”

A number of libraries are also running Headroom activities throughout May, as part of a joint initiative between BBC Headroom and the 2008 National Year of Reading Mind and Body Month. They will be hosting workshops in creative writing, music, dance and film-making alongside book groups, yoga sessions, stress-busting surgeries and chill-out zones.