So Richard and Judy’s New Position is now well and truly launched, with the first book being reviewed last night and no doubt 100s of enthusiastic book lovers rushing to their book club site to talk about it… but uh oh, now, yes right now is the time when they decide to do a little “site maintenance” and the book club forum is no longer there.

In fact the exact message I got tonight was:

richard and judy book clubyup, so whatever they’ve done, they seem to have taken the forum down to do it, and just when people are bursting to talk about the new books.  It’s a mystery to me, but you know, as a forum Admin, even if you are doing a bit of “site maintenance” you really should have the courtesy and common sense to have some kind of reassuring message displayed when you reach the site – especially for the none techies – and not one that basically says there’s no website there.  Ah well, meanwhile, we are still talking about the first of the New Writers Book Club books – Mudbound by Hillary Jordan – and have to say, that the book is really quite good and is being well received by our members.  Surprised to not see it plastered all over WH Smith, Waterstones and especially Tesco as yet but I guess it’s really only been out in paperback for a week or so and several months in hardcover.  Maybe they’ll be more on the ball for next month’s book, and who knows, perhaps the forum will also be available by then!