This year’s summer reads have just been announced, and here they are!


The Ivy Chronicles
Karen Quinn
A fast-paced and very funny rom com as Ivy’s bid to support her family and regain her self-esteem becomes a tale of modern-day reinvention – and unexpected romance.

The Laments
George Hagen
The World According To Garp meets American Beauty in this dazzling first novel, a tragi-comedy about family life, love and identity that spans several decades and three continents.

The Food Of Love
Anthony Capella
A delicious tale of Cyrano de Bergerac-style culinary seduction, but with sensual recipes instead of love poems.

Eve Green
Susan Fletcher
A truly beautiful and hypnotic first novel, this is both an engaging puzzle and an enchanting work of literature.

The Life and Death of Charlie St Cloud
Ben Sherwood
The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud is a romantic and uplifting novel about second chances and the liberating power of love.

Good News, Bad News
David Wolstencroft
The stunning debut novel from the creator of Spooks.