Richard and Judy have unveiled their Book Club reads of 2009, all but guaranteeing commercial success for 10 authors – including the wife of shadow chancellor George Osborne.  (hmmm more wives of famous people chosen again)

A list of the books follows as well as the announcement from The Telegraph under the cut.

This from the Telegraph:

A slot on the husband and wife presenters’ chat show has become one of the most powerful endorsements in the literary world, swaying more readers than long-established prizes like the Man Booker and the Costa awards.

Past best-sellers, including Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth, Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and The Island by Victoria Hislop, have all benefited from the “Richard and Judy effect” since they launched the book segment of their programme in 2004.

This year’s Book Club is likely to have a more modest impact on sales as it will be the first since the couple moved to moved to digital UKTV station Watch, which attracts a fraction of the viewers of their old Channel 4 programme.

But the 10 authors can still expect to see their reputations and royalty cheques rise, along with their chances of securing a lucrative Hollywood adaptation. A film version of PS I Love You by Cecilia Aherne, a previous Book Club favourite, was released this year.

The 2009 list includes Frances Osborne’s The Botler, about the scandalous life of her great-grandmother, the Edwardian socialite Idina Sackville. It is the second book by Mrs Osborne, who has two children with George Osborne MP.

The selection also includes The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, the Victorian detective drama that won this year’s Samuel Johnson non-fiction award for Kate Summerscale, former literary editor of the Daily Telegraph.

Also featured is The Brutal Art, a thriller about a series of drawings that appear to provide clues to a spate of child murders, written by Jesse Kellerman, the son of thriller writers Faye and Jonathan Kellerman.

The 19th Wife, David Ebershoff’s murder mystery set against the backdrop of a community of polygamous Latter Day Saints community in America, also makes the shortlist.

Richard and Judy will feature one book a week from Jan 21, leading up to a public vote to decide which of the titles will win the Best Read Award in April. Their daily early-evening show also contains a monthly feature focusing on the work of first-time authors.

Amanda Ross, who has been described as the most powerful person in publishing for her role in compiling the Book Club list, said that the 2009 line-up boasts a “wealth of talent”.

“The public faith in the Book Club is overwhelming, and I take that very seriously,” she said. “As consumer confidence dips with the credit crunch, we hope to help people not to waste their time or money. More than ever before, people will stick with what they know, and they know they can trust our recommendations.”

Richard Madeley said: “Judy and I are always intrigued by each new list, we really enjoy reading along with the public. We’re very proud of the Book Club and we’re delighted it has made the transition with us to Watch.”

Judy Finnigan said: “As an avid reader myself, I have high expectations for the shortlist, but I’m never disappointed – each book is unique in its own way, and has those engaging and compelling qualities you need to stand out in the crowd. The Galaxy British Book Awards is a real highlight for Richard and I, it’s a great opportunity to meet all the authors we’ve championed.”

Richard and Judy’s first show on Watch in October attracted just 100,00 viewers, less than a tenth of the number of people who used to tune in to their teatime Channel 4 show.

The Richard and Judy Book Club re-launches on WATCH TV at 6pm on 12th January 2009 and will run until 25th March 2009. The winner will be revealed at the Galaxy British Book Awards in April.  Whether the books selected contain a “wealth of talent” remains to be seen.  I’m a little perplexed by the fact that one of the books – The Brutal Art – won’t be published in paperback until April according to amazon UK.  I would imagine if that is the case that that would spoil it’s chances of being chosen for best read *scratches head*  Let’s hope amazon’s publication dates are wrong.