From the Bookseller:

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan have confirmed that they are in talks to continue presenting books-related programmes, despite their decision not to continue their Channel 4 “Richard & Judy” series. The daytime duo will front a Richard & Judy Christmas Books special in December, followed by another two series of their daily afternoon show next year, but will then concentrate on TV programming specials, they announced today (2nd November).

However, they are in talks with Channel 4 to present a spin-off Book Club series, as well as other specials including “Summer Read” and the British Book Awards. The programmes will be produced by Cactus TV, the current producer of “Richard & Judy”.

Finnigan said: “We’ve had a wonderful time presenting this show, and we intend to carry on with the Book Club, which has become very important to us. But there are so many other things we want to do as well, and it feels like the right time for a change.”

Madeley added that they wanted the chance to launch “other projects in broadcasting and writing, while we are still young enough”.

Julian Bellamy, head of programmes at Channel 4 said: “Their show has deservedly won them many loyal fans while the extraordinary success of their Book Club has brought them wider acclaim for the most successful ever TV initiative in encouraging reading as well as promoting new books and authors. We wish them great success and will continue to look at opportunities to work with them in the future.”