I’m still watching the show though I still haven’t quite made up my mind about it yet.  This week’s featured book – Rapture by Liz Jensen – was featured for exactly 9 minutes.  I suppose that’s better than nothing but if it was me I wouldn’t have been so impressed by the amount of time spent on my book – and that 9 mins is the total time including the author talking about their book on VT!  It always seemed short to me so this time I decided to time it.

Martine McCutcheon was this week’s guest and she talked about her own book what was wrote by her own hand innit.  Meh.  Sorry but I have no interest in celebrity books.  Why not have Liz Jensen actually interviewed on the show instead of on pre-recorded VT?  I’m not against the magazine-y format per se but I’m pretty sure Richard and Judy spent more time talking about the Book Club book of the week in their allotted 12 mins.  And as for paying some guy to travel up and down the Midlands to establish what people in that part of the country call bread, well it’s bread.  Waste of time and money and not actually very interesting.

I’m tired of authors made famous by the Richard and Judy Book Club coming on this show and telling viewers how “the book club” changed their lives.  Hello that was the Richard and Judy Effect, and nothing at all to do with this book club.  It’s grossly misleading.

Gok Wan was missing again.  We need more Gok and less Laila (sp?)