I’ve been a fan of Nathaniel Parker (as an actor – Inspector Lynley, Stardust, Far from the Madding Crowd etc – incidentally all adapted from books!) for a long time so I was pleased and also surprised to see him on this show since he’s not known as a presenter, and I think it showed as he had that very obvious “I’m reading word by word from the teleprompter” look in the beginning but he seems to have settled into it a bit more now.  I also like it when they are not automatically agreeing on how much they all loved the book and this time he didn’t quite love Brixton Beach. I’m glad as I don’t plan on reading that one either!    It’s good to have some difference in opinion so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of automatons on a sofa.

They still seem to be allocating only 8-9 minutes to the featured book which is even less time then when it was section on R & J’s daytime show 🙁  And yes I’ve been timing it, such is my sad life lol

Keep Nat on the panel?  Yes definitely but get rid of the teleprompter/script and let people relax and just talk about books.  Occasional word in the ear to keep them on track is fine.