I got this in my email today and I was mighty happy to see it.

Free Ebooks from World Fantasy Award Finalists

Last week we announced the return of free ebooks from Tor.com. We’re kicking things off this week with backlist titles from two of the authors who are finalists for this year’s World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. To download these and upcoming freebies, all you have to do is register at Tor.com.

Will Shetterly and Emma Bull are the first married couple to each simultaneously have a novel among the finalists for the World Fantasy Award—Emma’s Territory and Will’s The Gospel of the Knife. In commemoration of this, we’re offering registered Tor.com users free e-book editions of a pair of classics from the Bull and Shetterly backlists—Emma’s War for the Oaks and Will’s Dogland. Check them out here!

Each title in our giveaway program will be available for A Limited Time Only, so don’t delay. The books will be offered in a variety of formats, with no DRM. After this month’s pair of books, we’ll be putting up a new title every month, so make sure you register—and tell your friends about the great books (and blogs, and art, and conversation) that are free at Tor.com every day.

Please note, this is different to whatever registration you think you may have had with Tor previously. A few months ago they were giving away free books every week but the only registration required was for their mailing list. This time in order to download the free books you will have to register on the above site creating a proper user name and password before you will be able to access the freebies.

Now just in case anyone finds it a little difficult to find the free books, here is the direct link to them but remember that the links won’t work until you register and log in! Log in and download free ebooks here