Finally after getting the keys last Saturday, I was able to move the bulk of everything up to the studio today!

What a relief it was, to get everything out of my house and to be in the new studio environment that already makes me feel more creative and itching to get started pouring LOTS of candles for our busiest time of the year which is just around the corner.

So why did it take me so long to move if I got the keys on Saturday you ask?  Well, car problems really.  That is it in a nutshell.  I planned to move in on Monday/Tuesday but the car felt very unsafe and it was going to visit the mechanic on Wednesday so I decided to wait until it was looked at before driving it again.  However, I realised that my BIL would be able to give me and all my stuff, a lift on Wednesday (he probably could have done it Monday or Tuesday but my brain wasn’t working so it didn’t occur to me to ask until Wednesday duh).

Here follows a few quick photos from the moving in process…

west kilbride clyde coast Arran

The drive to work now looks like this

craft town scotland

West Kilbride Main Street

studio space

Working out space and rearranging furniture – another trip to IKEA may be in the cards!

harris tweed sassenach notebooks and bookish candles

The task at hand, pricing products and working out how best to display it!

jane austen gifts

It’s going to be so much easier to take great photos in this great space

craft town scotland

So exciting!  I just have maybe half a car load (?) or so of stuff still to go up to the studio but it wouldn’t all fit in the BIL’s car so I will take it up tomorrow once I have mine back again.  And that’s it, really looking forward to pouring lots of candles in the new space!