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If you are an author or a publisher and would like us to review your titles, then please leave your contact details below, with your official company email address if possible and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that we cannot accept every book review request that we receive. If you would like us to read and review a book for you, then please read the following policy and complete the form on the left.


We read most genres, fiction and non-fiction but we have particular interest in Young Adult and New Adult fiction, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Crime Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance, and Women’s Fiction. We would also consider some non-fiction titles in the following genres – crafts, food writing, home decor, art & design, self-help, social media, blogging.


We also accept review requests directly from authors and small independent publishers.  We do not accept requests from self-published authors at this time.  We do not beta read manuscripts.


We accept physical books in hardcover and paperback formats.  We also accept audiobooks (there is a special place in our hearts for audiobooks.  We <3 them a lot) and e-books, and e-ARCs.  We do not accept galleys.


If we review your book, please realise that we will give our honest opinion on the book and an honest rating based on our personal experience reading it.  Our rating system goes from 1-5 stars, not all books are 5 star books, a few may be 1 star books and most books are generally somewhere in between.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a 5 star rating for your book.  As this is our opinion, and all opinions are personal, please do not be discouraged if we do not rate your book as highly as you would expect.  On the other hand, if we love your book, we will sing it’s praises from the rafters!  Our review will also state that we received a free copy of the book, and this will not influence our final rating and review.


Between our members we read on average, over 400 books each year and we have over 500 years of reading experience between us!  Our members are based in the US, UK and Europe so we can cover most geographical restrictions.  We are well read, and love books and all have great collections of books.  We read most genres, fiction and non-fiction, and our members would love nothing better than to read your books. We all have our favourite genres and authors but are open to trying something new.

In addition to our members’ personal reading interests, we also run monthly hosted book discussions and we are always looking for good books to discuss with the groups. We also hold many reading challenges during the year so if you have books that are specifically targeted for those challenges, we would also like to hear about them. Also of interest are banned/challenged books, books to movie adaptations, and books that are recommended for book groups.  Our Paranormal Social Club reads specifically paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy, science fiction and paranormal romance, and would welcome the opportunity to read and review new books in those genres.


Now please complete the incredibly long form on the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow 48 hours for us to reply.