So we are now into week two of NaNo and does the slowness of the site bug the crap out of anyone else or is that just me? And what’s with the ‘disabled author search’?

Yeah yeah they exist on donations etc but hell, it’s frustrating!!! Someone give them some money please!  I never want to hear anyone complain about the speed on my site EVER AGAIN or I will have to point them to the nano site where you can literally watch paint dry, while cooking and later eating dinner, and still the page hasnt loaded!

So anyway, since we have no way of finding authors, friends etc unless we are lucky enough to spot a post on a forum (with 2000 other people online at the same time!!!) or be lucky enough to be present when they ‘enable’ the author search function. Here’s what I propose.

The Empire of the Cat writing group has a thread over there in the Writing groups/clubs section, so mosey on over there and post something and then we can find you! And if we can find you, well you know we can add you as a buddy, and the more the merrier right?

Here’s the link to our general chat and pep talk thread. So if you read this message, then get over there and say hi. Don’t make me come looking for you, cos that site makes me cranky enough as it is! LOL

Meanwhile back at the writing course…

So I’m doing a 2nd year writing course at Uni at the moment and guess what! Here was me wondering what else to do next year (along with either 20th C Fiction or 19th C Fiction) and bam! new writing course announcement for 3rd year students!!!

New creative writing course for October 2008
Advanced Creative Writing  <— ‘advanced’ no less!

This 60 point Level 3 course will be introduced in October 2008. Advanced Creative Writing will develop students’ writing ability by widening their generic range. The course will work extensively on the forms introduced at level 2 – fiction, poetry and life writing – and supplement these with dramatic writing, showing students how to write for 3 media: stage, radio and film. By widening the range of possible outlets, students will use this richer repertoire and greater variety of approaches to develop their individual writing style and voice. The course will offer guidance on professional layouts and editorial methods, and will be a natural progression after Creative Writing.
A full course description will be available from the Courses and Qualifications website from the end of January 2008 and registration will open on 15th March 2008. <— special note for your diary, Ides of March and the Cat Mistress’s birthday!

Maybe I won’t have to read Heart of Darkness after all!

Oh yeah and about nano and tracking you all down – poke poke poke