The Day of the Triffids – John Wyndham

This classic sf novel traces the fate of the world after a comet shower blinds most of the world’s population. The few with sight must struggle to reconstruct society while fighting mobile, flesh-eating plants called triffids. Samuel West’s narration of this powerful and realistic story provides a flawless interpretation of the text. The listener is caught up in the catastrophic chain of events, imagined and told with such skill by narrator as well as author that one can easily visualize the cataclysmic events. All of West’s vocal characterizations, including cockney accents, female voices, and children’s voices, ring true. This superlative production of an outstanding and entertaining novel belongs in all audio collections.

Finished this on Saturday.  This is one of my all time favourite novels, one that I’ve read many times but not lately, so it was a great pleasure to listen to this audiobook and as they say above, Samuel West narrates it perfectly.  All post-apocalyptic type books and movies were all inspired by this book.  Brilliant, read it!

We will be discussing this book with the book group next month, so all additional comments are saved for that discussion.  Please join us then, it’s a terrific book!