With Independent Booksellers Week just around the corner, we need your help to put your favourite bookshops on the map

It’s Independent Booksellers Week next week, and in defiance of all the usual doom and gloom that surrounds the subject we thought we’d take this opportunity to celebrate the many wonderful bookshops all over the world that are still standing. After enjoying your pictures on our Hay festival Flickr group we thought we’d ask you to upload photos of your favourite independents – then take it to the next level, and make ourselves a map.

Now, you may be familiar already with our best bookshops section – after all, some of you helped build it back in the days of email (Remember email? Wasn’t it shiny and modern and great?) – but I’ve always hankered after a map. And thanks to the lovely, shiny, modern internet – or at least, the internet circa 2004 – we can have one. All we need to do is upload photographs of our favourite bookshops to a brand new, shiny, modern Flickr group and hey presto: a shiny, modern map. Since we’re mapmaking here, you’ll need to make sure all your photos are properly located. If you’ve already got a photograph of your favourite bookshop, or indeed a photograph of your favourite bookshop on Flickr, then it couldn’t be easier. And if you don’t have a Flickr account, or don’t have a camera, don’t despair – just tell us about your favourite bookshops right here.

As for me, I’ll be using it as an excuse to get along to a favourite bookshop and struggle with some sort of camera malarkey as soon as I get a moment. Who knows – I might even stretch my excuses far enough to buy a book or two …

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