EOS Books ( a division of Harper-Collins) is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. †They are a Science Fiction / Fantasy imprint and so they are giving away free ebooks in those genres.

Every two months in 2008, they will be offering up a free e-book for readers in the US. †The first one is this month, and I got an email a few weeks ago about it and forgot to post it here, so you have until February 29, 2008 (12:00 am EST) to get the first book, which is:

Robin Hobb – Shaman’s Crossing (The Soldier Son Trilogy, Book One)
A thrilling epic fantasy tale about a nobleís son destined for a brilliant military career . . . until he is claimed by an unknown magic. With a secured place in Gernia’s calvary, Nevare hopes to distinguish himself to his King and family. But jealous rivals hound his studies at the military academy, and even more unsettling is the discovery that insidious magic may be using him to betray his own people.

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