Unlike previous years where we have worked out the schedule as much in advance as possible for the year ahead, this year we’re winging it, playing it by ear, flying by the seat of our pants, and other similar expressions.

We are working approximately a month to two months ahead, suggestions can be made throughout the year and we are looking for volunteer hosts only as far as a few weeks ahead.  We are currently working on the groups for February as per the above post, and looking for suggestions for March and that’s it.  Amazing huh?

So far so good and people seem to like this though for my well ordered and categorised, everything planned in advance brain, I am freaking out a little, even though it was my idea.  Perhaps I have a split personality, something to mull over.  Meanwhile it does feel more interactive and people are getting more involved.  I think it gives the whole group a feeling of immediacy as people are suggesting and voting for books that they want to read next week rather than in six months time.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the year!