For those of us who need or just want some chuckles this Christmas Season, join us in discussing this hilarious book by the best selling author of court room drama. This book may be dramatic, in a funny sense, but it has nothing to do with the court room.


“The young daughter of a typical American family embarks on a journey with the Peace Corps to South America during the Christmas season, which practically devastates her father and mother, who then decide to go on a cruise during the holidays instead of celebrating Christmas. The situations that the parents encounter as they make their plans are both funny and unexpected. ”
With their daughter graduating from college and leaving to spend a year in Peru with the Peace Corps, Luther and Nora decide not to celebrate Christmas this year. Instead, they decide to take the money that they would normally spend on all the trimmings and take a Caribbean cruise. That means no tree, no card, no present, no office parties, no decorations, no donations, and no annual home party.

Word quickly spreads throughout this small town that the Krank’s are not celebrating Christmas and will not be participating in the neighborhood or town festivities. Instead their time is spent in tanning booths in preparation for the hot Caribbean sun. The neighbors harass them every chance they get and picket signs even appear on their front lawn. The neighborhood blames them for not winning the annual “best decorated street contest”, as theirs is the only house not decorated!

On Christmas Eve, the Krank’s get a surprise call from their daughter that she will indeed being coming home for Christmas and will be there in six hours. Will the Krank’s go on their cruise or will they “attempt” to celebrate Christmas?

This book is light, airy, hilarious, and pokes great fun at how most of America runs around crazy during the holiday season. I really liked this book, could not put it down, and found myself laughing at the antics of Luther and Nora Krank as well as their delightfully intruding close-knit neighbors on Hemlock Drive.

Join us to discuss this Christmas book

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