The BBC in the UK, also have radio stations as well as TV stations (for those not in the UK)  There are at least 7 of them now and they all have a different focus.

BBC RADIO 4 covers Arts & Drama, which includes a radio book club.

Next Week, they are talking live with JOHN BERENDT, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which is set in Savannah, Georgia.  It was also made into a movie starring Kevin Spacey a few years ago.  John Berendt has also written another book this year entitled ‘City of Angels’ which is set in Venice, Italy.

About Midnight in the garden of good and evil:
“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt. This engaging account of life and death (murder) in secluded Savannah, Georgia, is peopled with remarkable characters and has become a modern classic.

The Radio 4 Book club discussion with John Berendt is at the following times next week:

4pm Sunday 2 July 2006
4pm Thursday 6 July 2006

THESE ARE UK TIMES, you will have to check your timezone for the time difference – probably about 5-6hours for those in the US.

I have added the Radio 4 link to the Empire Radio module on the forum.  It is working with IE so you just have to click on it to listen, but if you are using Opera or Firefox you will need a Real Player plugin to listen to it.  This plugin can be downloaded from the opera /firefox home page and you will be prompted to download it when you click on the Radio 4 link.