Halloween Harbingers of Horror

To celebrate Halloween, we have a nice cosy little writing contest for you all.

It is open to all members of the Empire of the Cat, whether you are in the Writing Group or not, though obviously if you are a writer, then you should be in the group!

The Contest and Rules:

1. Write a halloween related story – minimum 500 words and maximum 1000 words
2. Story must have a title
3. Story must have a word count written neatly at the end of the story
4. Story must have a halloween theme. It can be spooky,funny, romantic, mysterious, horrific etc but it must have a halloween setting/theme!
5. Entries must be received before 28th October – that gives you 23 days to write it!
6. Submit entries to this thread , either as a post or as a word document with a .doc extension. ( I would prefer you all to enter them on the Writing Archive since that is the easiest way for people to read them all but I wont force it) I will then make sure they can all be read. (probably by adding them to the writing archive)

7. Once stories are up in a format to be read, a poll will go up so people can read and vote for their favourite.
8. Depending on interest and number of entries, there will be a prize. If there is no interest or too few entries, there will not be a prize. So it’s up to you. (I do have a prize in mind )
9. You must post in this thread stating your intention to enter the contest.
10. All work must be original of course

Any questions or anything you think I’ve missed out, please post in the contest thread.